Operator - I

Date: Jul 9, 2024

Location: Jubail, 04, SA, 31961

Company: farabipetr

Job Purpose

The aim is to state the overall significance of the job from the organisation's perspective.
Responsible for controlling work place and progress on equipment, requiring awareness of links with other process areas.  Jobs at this level operate within established work routines and occasional supervisory checks.

Main Accountabilities

This section describes the principal outputs required from the job. 
Descriptions Key Results Area

Policies Processes and Procedures

  • Follow all relevant plant operations processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and efficient manner.
  • Adherence to the department policies, processes and procedures. 

Day-to-day operations

  • Implements the day-to-day operations assigned for the Plant Operations to ensure compliance with the established standards and procedures
  • Smooth flow of day-to-day operations 

Job Specific

Description Key Results Area
  • Operates equipments/devices, which involves the process operation which regulate factors such as temperature, pressure, flow, and reaction of processing materials.
  • Collects products samples for testing to ensure quality and standards are met.
  • Prepares and releases equipment for maintenance to ensure optimal effectiveness of equipment machine operation & output.
  • Monitors field & equipment to ensure systematic processing and no abnormalities.
  • Takes appropriate action to maintain the plant area clean and tidy at all times in line with company standards.
  • Troubleshoots and resolves process related problems in order to get the equipment back in normal operating condition.     
  • Appropriate and accurate equipment /device operation. 
  • Samples
  • Proper use of Equipments. 
  • Equipments 
  • Company standards of housekeeping are maintained at all times
  • Equipment failure / damage

Reporting, HSSE and Related Assignments

Description Key Results Area


  • Report to the shift supervisor’s and collects operational field data for comparing the normal / designed data for smooth operation of the Plant.       
  • Compliance to operating procedures for smooth operational the Plant safely.



  • Complies with all relevant safety, quality, health and environmental procedures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment
  • Participates in safety programs and work permit system to determine their adequacy
  • Participates in incident investigation and provide technical information as required for process, injuries etc.
  • Participates in safety, health and environmental programs
  • Participates in emergency response drills at the company and familiarize HSSE strategy.    
  • Healthy, secure, and safe work environment 
  • Compliance to all regulatory policies and procedures 
  • Effective implementations of safety and emergency training.
  • Readiness to handle crisis
Related Assignments
  • Performs other related duties or assignments as directed 
  • Shift Supervisor’s feedback

Application of Guidelines and Decision making

Guidelines: Thinking within detailed standard practices and instructions
Decision making: Operating within given policies and procedures.Work is subject to supervision

Communications & Working Relationships

Internal: Operations, Maintenance, Warehouse & ISD.
External: None


Academic and professional qualifications:  Technical institute certificate or Vocational training, High school or diploma in technical field. 


1 - 4 years of experience with BTT/PT+ OJT or diploma with 0 years of experience with BTT/PT+ OJT

General Competencies

Behavioural Competencies Technical Competencies
  • Organization Loyalty
  • Personal Integrity
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Flexibility    
  • Policies & Procedure Awareness
  • HSSE Awareness