Process Engineer

Date: Mar 25, 2024

Location: Jubail, 04, SA, 31961

Company: farabipetr

Job Purpose

The aim is to state the overall significance of the job from the organisation's perspective.
To advice operations for performing conventional, less complex engineering assignments that may involve equipment’s or product design, testing of materials, preparation of specifications, process studies and research investigations. Selects engineering techniques to solve the problems and makes design recommendations according to the issues.

Main Accountabilities

This section describes the principal outputs required from the job. 
Descriptions Key Results Area

Policies Processes and Procedures

  • Implements approved Department policies, processes, and procedures and monitors adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner.
  • Adherence to the department policies, processes and procedures 

Day-to-day operations

  • Follows the day-to-day operations assigned for the Maintenance department to ensure compliance with the established standards and procedures.
  •  Smooth flow of day-to-day operations 

Job Specific

Description Key Results Area
  •  Utilize process design methodologies, system and tools as defined by Company.
  • Develop work practices for the new or modified Process plants. 
  • Develop/train of newly hired Chemical Engineers
  • Provide expertise in the areas of improvements
  • Perform a thorough review of Operations inquiries and analyze with Process Design information.
  • Perform process simulations and develop Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) and Heat and Material Balances.
  • Perform an Energy analysis of the process design and compare it to previous data to determine if the process design is competitive.
  • Project Evaluation to allow determination of the viability of the project. 
  •  Develop sizing information for Process Equipment (compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, distillation columns, separators, reactors, etc.) and provide information in the form of equipment data sheets. 
  •  Prepare material selection designation (diagram) for plant requirements 
  • Develop innovative ideas and alternatives to be cost competitive with Proposals. 
  • Provide technical expertise to the project execution team and assist in developing plant control philosophy. 
  • Calculate plant recoveries and utility requirements.  Recommend Guarantee  Levels 
  • Support the Management team (when requested) in discussion of technical details with the Business Development team 
  • In cooperation with the Production Engineer, develop line Sizes and Definition of Line Sizes, Hydraulic Calculations, Critical line routing, calculations for thermo-siphon rebuilders & Pump NPSH requirements. 
  • Logic diagrams and cause & effect charts Design and sizing of safety relief valves, Flare system analysis and final reporting including the sizing of the relief valve inlet and outlet line sizing. 
  • Operating Manual and Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Plans, participate in HAZOP studies, Assist in Plant start-up and performance testing, as required.
  • Applies standard techniques involving innovations of methodology to provide solutions to problems.
  • Collects and evaluates data, and develops plans for assignments that may involve design application.
  • Assists in projects for engineering work, budgeting, planning, material procurement and execution.
  • Supports junior engineers on any related work requirement as requested.


  • Develop methods to deal with product & by-products.
  • Smooth plant operations
  • Knowledge transfer to the fresher 
  • Plant availability assured
  • Optimizing plant capacity
  • Operating cost improvement
  • Project cost
  • Equipment design improvement
  • Application of standard engineering techniques 
  • Innovative solutions
  • Contributes to project completion
  • Successful completion of specific tasks
  • On-time and quality of deliverables
  • Deliverables according to set standards 
  • Accuracy of data and information requested.

Reporting, HSSE and Related Assignments

Description Key Results Area


  • Assist in preparation of timely and accurate maintenance budget reports which conform to Farabi and department requirements, policies and standards
  • Key information captured accurately and presented to decision-makers in a timely manner.


  • Ensures compliance to all relevant health, safety, security, and environmental procedures across the Company in order to promote a healthy and safe work environment
  • Participates adheres across company to HSSE Code of Conduct and actively participates in promoting the use of risk assessments
  • Participates in safety, health and environmental programs
  • Participates in incident investigation and provide technical expertise as required, understanding of system causes and development of recommendations to avoid recurrence. 
  • Healthy, secure, and safe work environment 
  • Compliance to all regulatory policies and procedures
  • Quality incident  investigation

Related Assignments

  • Performs other related duties or assignments as directed
  • Line Manager's feedback

Application of Guidelines and Decision making

Guidelines: Thinking within detailed standard practices and instructions.
Decision making: Operating within given practices and procedures. 

Communications & Working Relationships

Internal:Operations, Maintenance, QC, Marketing & Sales 
External: Existing and Potential Technology provider.


A bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering


4 - 6 years of experience in Operations.


Behavioural Competencies Technical Competencies
  • Organization Loyalty
  • Personal Integrity
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Impact & Influence
  • Business Acumen
  • Change Management
  • Data Collection & Aanlysis
  • Project Management
  • Technological Ability