Production Engineer - II

Date: Apr 1, 2024

Location: Jubail, 04, SA, 31961

Company: farabipetr

Job Purpose

The aim is to state the overall significance of the job from the organisation's perspective.
To advice production operations to assure cost effective, timely manufacturing of quality products considering plant process operating equipment integrity, Safe and efficient operation of plant, controlling and optimizing of day to day operations.

Main Accountabilities

This section describes the principal outputs required from the job. 
Descriptions Key Results Area

Policies Processes and Procedures

  • Implements approved Department policies, processes, and procedures and monitors adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner (SSP, SOP, etc.)
  • Adherence to the department policies, processes and procedures. 

Day-to-day operations

  • Follows the day-to-day operations assigned for the Operation department to ensure compliance with the established standards and procedures
  • Smooth flow of day-to-day operations 

Job Specific

Description Key Results Area
  • Integrates production operation or processes, or related processes to all shifts.
  • Establishes short-term activities directed toward production continuity and balance, such as creating plans, ensuring requisition of materials like catalyst loading and renewing the spent catalyst.
  • Handling emergency and planned shutdowns in line with production plan and marketing.
  • Coordinates and integrates with other functions to ensure support in attaining output, productivity, and quality.
  • Selects, organizes, trains, and motivates the production work force to ensure consistent attainment of production schedules at optimum productivity and cost levels.
  • Recommends improvements in production flow or methods.
  • Monitors production plans an reports to ensure attainment of production mandate and effectiveness of operations
  • Monitors plants and production performance and advises manager to ensure that production operations is optimal and up to the required standards and quality
  • Chemicals, raw material & finished product inventories reports
  • Assist budgeting, Capex, Business Planning, SD planning
  • Assist FCRs, departmental suggested minor projects.
  • Coordinate any Environmental & Safety issues related with department KPIs
  • Prepare BEC, Board meeting presentations, Executive monthly summary and status updates to GM



  • Smooth production operations
  • Production continuity and balance
  • Coordinating an integrating with other departments
  • Improvement of production flow or methods
  • Implementing production plans
  • Meeting targets
  • Production performance
  • D, M, Y production plans 
  • Dead stocks / commitments with customers

Reporting, HSSE and Related Assignments

Description Key Results Area


  • Assists in the preparation of timely and accurate reports for Senior Management requirements



  • Key information captured accurately and presented to decision-makers in a timely manner


  • Ensures compliance to all relevant health, safety, security, and environmental procedures across the Company in order to promote a healthy and safe work environment
  • Ensure employee safety programs and work permit system to determine their adequacy.
  • Recommends Health monitoring programs and evaluates as its effectiveness. 
  • Compliance to all regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Effective Planning and implementations of safety and emergency training.
  • High quality Incident Investigation
  • Effective crisis management
Related Assignments
  • Performs other related duties or assignments as directed 
  • Line Manager’s feedback.

Application of Guidelines and Decision making

Guidelines: Thinking within detailed standard practices and instructions
Decision making: Operating within given policies and procedures.

Communications & Working Relationships

Internal:Maintenance, Warehouse, ISD, HR, IT, Marketing & Sales. 

External:Off-site facilities like SASREF, SABTANK, ARAMCO, SECCO, KEMYA. Existing and Potential suppliers and contractors.


Academic and professional qualifications:  Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering 

Language : English: High in reading, writing, and speaking


6 - 10 years of experience 

General Competencies

Behavioural Competencies Technical Competencies
  • Organization Loyalty
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Achievement Drive
  • Initiative
  • Analytical Thinking    
  • Business Acumen
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Financial Awareness
  • Technological Ability
  • HSSE Awareness